During the presentation press conference, Stefano Stefanelli spoke about the current situation of the club, underlining how the strategy in view of the next season is already underway. "We are completing together with the coach an analysis of the current squad - he said -: surely we will also focus on elements already present since last year, a base from which to start again is there. That said, it is still too early to talk about renewals or grafts: we are still in a phase of exchange of ideas".

"Cesena is still a very popular square for the players and in this sense, we will have to be good at identifying those who want to come to pull up their sleeves and try to win". Stefanelli continued, who with his speech wanted to trace an identikit of the type of players that the Cavalluccio will look for during the summer market: "We want people who have the same hunger as us and not who want to move here because you live well and there is a beautiful city. We will not take guys who will come here to winter: the coach asks for very different profiles".

Stefanelli gave a brief overview of the elements of the Cesena squad, stating that among the elements of next season, among others, there will be Frieser: "He has yet to show his real value. In the chessboard he will be used as an outsider, or his natural role: the coach has studied and esteems him. Caturano and Gonnelli? They are subject to evaluation on our part, while Pittarello has characteristics that could be more suitable. Bortolussi? He is a very strong player from whom we would definitely like to start again."

Final parenthesis on the market budget and the strategy related to young people: ''The under? The fact of not being bound by the obligation to deploy them affects the plans: some young people will be inserted, but priority will be given to more experienced players. Berti? He is a heritage of the club, as well as an important player and will be part of our staff together with other guys: then it will be up to them to keep up with the team, but I am sure that they will assert themselves because they are all valid players. The budget? It has not yet been defined precisely, because the will is to satisfy the demands of the coach. The market is dynamic and cannot be planned: we will have to wait and understand what opportunities will come out, but the property has given us freedom from this point of view".