It's Cesena pure magic: 6-0 to Carrarese

Cesena FC promptly reacts to the defeat against Montevarchi thrashing Carrarese and taking another step towards the arithmetic third place in the tables. Upheld by Curva Mare fans, Viali’s boys start well and put a pledge on the match within twenty minutes, those passing between Ilari's first goal at 12’ and Pittarello's second goal at 32’. After the break, it is Cesena pure magic: Caturano strikes straightway, entering the double digit scoring count, Ilari gets his personal double, followed by Frieser's first goal this season. Yet, the best goal of the match is by Ciofi, who hits the ball still up in the air on the heel from a corner kick, sending it right under the crossbar for the final 6-0. Gamesetmatch.

On the regular season’s last leg, Saturday 23rd April (kick-off at 5:30 p.m.), Cesena FC is visiting Siena, that beat Pontedera 2-1 today.