Cesena FC really impressed me

This morning, during the press conference, Filippo Pittarello shared his first impressions: “I was watching the match at the stadium on Saturday, but last year I played against Cesena FC and the team really impressed me: I remember not being able to stop them even though being good and lucky enough to win. They play proper football, led by a coach expressing clearly what he wants: I am happy to join and I hope to fit in as soon as possible”.

He then described his own skills: “I am a forward who likes to dribble and to play in pairs and, due to my characteristics, I prefer to have a partner nearby. Personally, I love reaching the goal area, but I can pass the ball and turn my back so the team get there. I have a generous nature and I can adjust, should playing in a different position be needed”.

Eventually, Pittarello spoke about the importance of supporting fans and Cesena FC performance against Viterbese: “A crowded stadium can improve the performance. Fans represent one of the best part in football and I hope it to be back soon at full capacity: it’s heart-warming to think of so many people supporting the team. Saturday’s match? The first half was very good, but not afterwards. What’s positive though is that, at least, it was a draw”.