No goals scored at Orogel Stadium: it’s 0-0 with Viterbese

Year 2022 starts with no goals for Cesena FC, with the home match with Viterbese ending nil-nil.
A conclusion hard to imagine after the first twenty minutes when Viali’s boys, and an “inspired” Pierini, seem to be scoring at any moment. It’s actually the number 10, whose knockdown in the penalty area goes unspotted by the ref at 9’ in the first half, while a bit later, at 29’, his right kick in the penalty line finishes high, wasting Bortolussi’s assist. In the meantime, the opponents try to break through Nardi’s keep, great in fending off Adopo’s header but it’s the Bianconeri who gradually lose focus and dribbling accuracy.

In the second half, Viali tries some tactical changes (bringing in Ilari and Ardizzone, then Berti), unsuccessfully also due to a more tightening defence. Such a pity that, during the last assault in recovery time, Ilari gets the perfect goal chance to no avail. Next leg on Sunday, with another home match at 12:30 p.m. against Olbia.