"Restarting with the mindset we had in the first round"

Just over a week since the championship restarted, coach William Viali met the press this morning. After giving the latest updates on the trainings, still conditioned by Covid-19 protocols and outbreaks, he stated: "These days, I’m missing not being able to hang out in the dressing rooms: the boys leave immediately to go home and take a shower, and this has affected our routine. On the other hand, it is weird to train with the next match scheduled so far ahead in time but, having said that, it has been going smoothly and well-paced. In addition, this long stop allowed some of the players with physical problems to fully recover".

Mister Viali did not hide the desire to "restart playing as we did in the first round, perhaps adding some strength to our performance now, as the next matches will be more on the defense and complicated. Would I sign to get to 39 points in the second half of the season too? Our mindset remains to bring home as much as we can but, if a goal is to be set, then it is only fair now it to be practical and reachable: today it is to stay in the third place and it won’t be easy because the other teams have good players, set to win. If this drive to defend our spot makes us go strong enough to challenge the teams ahead of us, then we will be able to think of raising the bar."