Viali: "Team chemistry is an important factor"

During the press conference that closed year 2021, coach William Viali said he expected a greater contribution from his midfielders. “There are players who can do more than their standard" - he said -. The midfield is the department where I have the most choices and where I have changed the most to put as many guys on the track as possible. Missiroli? He has had a particular path conditioned by the summer work with the previous team, but in the last few games he has done well. I do not think there have been problems of individuals, but of context at the level of realization. Ilari is one of six or seven goals a season and Missiroli has always scored a few goals too: with them I will have to work to get them to achieve more. Steffè played half the season as a defender and this affected his contribution in the goal area ”. Final parenthesis on what may happen during the January transfer market: 'The thing I want to emphasize is that my considerations with respect to what was missing in the first round remain the same regardless of whether there has been a change of ownership. The technical analysis I do is rational: I believe that upsetting the alchemy of the group would be very dangerous because the path has already begun and it is always delicate to put your hands to change it during the race. The new presidents have given great availability to our analyzes: there are ideas on what is needed, even if names and surnames have not yet been talked about. For example, I had a little more difficulty in terms of numbers ahead: in the few games in which we went below I struggled to give that extra plus to try to straighten the game: it is a gap that we will try to fill ".