The Bianconeri waste and fall: Gubbio-Cesena 4-1

Anyone who, for whatever reason, had to leave the Barbetti Stadium after the first 45 minutes and searched the result on Google, would have struggled to believe their eyes. The Bianconeri dominated the scene until half time but wasted the unlikely: from the 3', when Pierini was hypnotized face to face with Ghidotti, to the 38' when the goalkeeper said no to Bortolussi. And in between there were also the opportunities thwarted by Ghidotti to Pierini and Zecca, as well as those wasted by Mulè and Ardizzone. So it is the Umbrians who took the lead at the beginning of the second half but Pierini's quick 1-1 seemed once again to put the dispute on the Black and White side. What an illusion. A defective defending by Nardi offered Spalluto the 2-1 and in the final two restarts transformed the victory of Gubbio into a “goleada”. Year 2021 ends bitterly but the defeat does not diminish the excellent first part of the season by coach Viali’s boys: next rendezvous on 8th January when Lucchese arrives at the Orogel Stadium.