“There is no Cesena without its fans”

Co-president John Aiello also spoke at the press conference to introduce himself to the local press and Cesena FC fans. He began by expressing gratitude to the management who'd run the club in recent years: "I’d really like to thank the 28 partners, for their pivotal role in this incredible story: they've done something exceptional both for the city and the fans, after the old club’s collapse. I am very happy to be able to work here with them, in this beautiful city and with very passionate people".

A key role for the future Cesena FC will also be played by the club supporters, whom Aiello praised: "I’ve immediately realised that the fans are very loyal: they never left, not even when the club was in Serie D. Cesena FC belongs first of all to the city, we are just the guardians. Last night I saw the Curva Mare’s passion, and it was wonderful: there is no Cesena without its fans”.

The last words were for the journey that led to Lewis and Aiello partnering up to acquire 60% of Cesena FC shares: “The first contact? I have a friend in Italy who told me about the situation in Cesena. I was already familiar with the club because I am a football fan and, after talking to Robert, we started the negotiations. We were both considering several opportunities related to Italian football, but this was the best."