Co-presidents Lewis and Aiello meet the team and the staff

In the afternoon, the newly appointed Cesena FC co-presidents Robert Lewis and John Aiello, met the technical staff and the team before training at the Orogel Stadium. After the introduction of the former president Corrado Augusto Patrignani (“We have found wondeful partners, who share our vision: we’ve always been hard-core fans wearing a suit and we will continue to do so”), it was time for John Aiello to present himself to the B&W players: “Football is a question of heart, and not business for me. I watched the matches during the negotiations and I saw a fine team, that plays really well, which I'd like to praise the coach for. As I said yesterday, this club belongs to the fans and you play an important part too: we don’t win by staying behind a desk but in the pitch, with you”.

Then it was Robert Lewis’s turn to speak: “I am very happy to be here. I will be pleased to meet each one of you and support you in and out of the pitch. We are here to support the existing partners and to move forward, working together to make our common dream come true. Together we will do great, I am sure of that”.

Massimo Agostini, who is in the new managing board, concluded: “It is an honor to be here, where I started my career and I’d like to thank Robert Lewis for trusting me. You have our full support and we will always try to do our best”.